Q&A: Geraint Thomas Joins Our Team

Geraint Thomas is the newest addition to our Amp Human team, as both an athlete and investor in the company. CEO Jeff Byers and "G" sat down to discuss his history with Amp Human and why he's joining in such a big way.


Why are you excited to join Amp Human as an athlete and investor?

It’s an innovative company. I’ve always been focused on companies and products that directly improve performance. My philosophy is to never settle with what is just around today but to figure out what improvements can be made for tomorrow, that’s a philosophy Amp Human shares with me.

How did you get introduced to PR Lotion?

Cam Wurf had been talking a lot about a bicarb lotion he was using that you apply directly to the muscles for training and recovery, that got me really interested. I used bicarb drinks a lot in the past for the track events at the Olympics and the World Championships, but it wasn’t the nicest experience. Drinking bicarb was hard to stomach especially when the pre-race nerves kicked in. When I heard about the lotion I was super intrigued. 

My first experience was when I did a TT bike workout on the turbo trainer. Typically, my glutes and hamstrings are tight afterwards and I wake up pretty achy the next day. With PR Lotion my body felt significantly better and not nearly as fatigued. It was a good first experience for sure. Now I always use it.

How do you use PR Lotion in training?

The more I use it, the more I get out of my training performance and recovery. I apply it before I put my kit on, about 20 minutes before training. I also use it regularly with massage after training for extra recovery help.

How long before you told your mates?

I rang my mate George North straight away who plays for Rugby for Wales. I didn’t tell too many cyclists honestly, as I didn’t want my rivals to pick it up too easily. That didn’t work though (laughing).

Now I am happy to spread the word because it’s something I believe in, since I really feel the benefit to my performance and recovery. 

Do teammates try to steal your supply?

I always have quite a few bottles with me at the races. My teammates are always keen to use it in the time trials. Rohan Dennis, the reigning World Time Trial Champion, is no doubt going to be after some, but I won't let him have any as he’s a big rival even though he is also a teammate (laughing). 

In our team {INEOS-Grenadiers}, thinking outside of the box is the mentality and philosophy of everyone. We are always keen to trial new products that are credible scientifically to improve our performance. 

What do you think about when you are suffering or in the pain cave?

Just focus on the effort. I find the best way is to break it down and stay positive. You don’t think when you have 30 minutes left in a climb: “Oh man, I have 30 minutes left here”, I break it down to the next corner or the next 5 minutes. Try to stay focused. It's easy to start thinking “oh this hurts, I feel bad, I hope the pace doesn’t continue as I am really struggling.” All of those are negative thoughts. You have to try to stay positive, just think one step ahead. 

What are some key tips for getting ready to train, race or for your recovery routine?

As soon as we finish a stage, we warm down. Originally this was laughed at, but now everyone does it as part of recovery after race days. I drink a recovery drink straight away, then a smoothie with yogurt and berries on the bus, shower, more food (rice, protein, chicken fish), compression boots then massage and dinner. 

Sleep is one of the main parts of feeling better the next day. Consistency in sleep is key and when we are at a big stage race we could be in a different bed every night. Sleep could be different every night. The team has their own mattress toppers, same sheets, same pillows, even an air conditioner unit when we are staying at hotels in the middle of a country.  

We have our own kitchen truck with a consistent place to eat that is low stress. This obviously isn’t practical for everyone, but whatever routines you can create with sleep and food will give you the best chance to recover properly.

What is your daily motivation? What drives you to be the best and continue to race after achieving multiple Olympic Gold medals, World Championships and the Tour title in 2019? 

I am just a fan of the sport. I still enjoy riding bikes, training and racing. I’ve always wanted to perform in the biggest races. I've done it, but the hunger is still there to try to continue that.

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