Happy Holidays From Our Leadership Team

To our Amp Human community,

As 2020 comes to a close, we are so thankful for our tremendous community and team at Amp Human.  This year has not been as planned, to say the least.  However we are proud to say that because of you Amp Human is stronger than ever.

One of the hardest things about 2020 has been the fact that we haven’t been in person as a core team and we haven’t been able to see you.  Being even more present with our community was one of our core initiatives for 2020.  With no events or races, we have deeply missed the personal interactions these provide.  We had over 50 events planned for our team to attend this year and quickly had to focus on finding new ways to engage.  Nothing takes the place of building relationships in person and, once it is safe to do so again, you can count on us to be there in 2021.

We had some major wins this year including winning a $1.5M innovation contract for PR Lotion with the United States Air Force, partnering with long time PR Lotion user Geraint Thomas (2018 Tour de France Champion) as well as many other incredible athletes, and getting great data back from a study with Red Bull High Performance.

More importantly, 2020 was about Amp Human becoming more than PR Lotion.  Since starting Amp Human in 2018, we have always envisioned building a human performance company with a platform of products built for athletes who are constantly seeking to level up. PR Lotion has always been just the first chapter in the Amp Human story. It has put us at the forefront of human performance and allowed us to build a best in class team, work with the best athletes and professional teams in the world and to partner with the Department of Defense to innovate and learn.  

As our brand evolves and grows, 2021 will be a very exciting year for Amp Human. We are launching our second innovative product, D+ Lotion, in January. This provides an ultra convenient solution to supplement vitamin D, which could not be more timely and critical for athlete immune health. In addition, we are launching at least 5 new products (spoiler alert: they are not lotions) that will have great science and knowledge behind them, and will be extremely relevant to you. Even more, we are hopeful that the second half of the year events and races are able to come back safely and we will see all of you there.

At Amp Human, we are dedicated to building a leading human performance company, growing a brand that is community and customer centered, and bringing innovation and products to market that are meaningful to you and support the never ending mission to help you unlock your limitless potential

Thank you, stay safe, train hard and be healthy.

Jeff, Erica & Naomi

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