Our Founder Story

Jeff Byers and Erica Good met at a biotech startup in 2015. 

Despite coming from different backgrounds, it was a serendipitous meeting of two like minds. Pro meets pro. Jeff, a former NFL player. Erica, ex- McKinsey & Co. they were  drawn together by their shared passion, and a drive to do something new and different in sports and wellness. Soon they both realized that there was more than just a business opportunity in play. 

An insight.  

They knew they could bring products and solutions forward faster and revolutionize athletes’ relationships with their bodies. By cultivating their experience and working with intention, more could be done to break the norms of traditional biotech space. 

They took on the challenge. Moved by their deep understanding of athlete health, and motivated by their values and unique skill set, Jeff and Erica became the perfect 1-2 punch to not just identify an unmet market, but create one. This, combined with their innate understanding of what athletes want, inspired a product, PR Lotion, and a company, Amp Human — a human performance hub dedicated to redefining what’s possible in sports and wellness. 

As dynamic, non-technical founders, Jeff & Erica were unbound by the conventions of biotech, and felt completely free to build Amp Human into a highly-collaborative, creative ecosystem. One that brings diverse disciplines,  commercial thinking and speed to innovative science.  It’s a company with not only a clear game-plan, but the  dexterity and the guts to push beyond a single mode  of operation. It’s only fitting that they would build this  in Park City, Utah — a thriving mountain town where  entrepreneurial energy meets adventure; where work,  life and play seamlessly co-exist to both facilitate and  fuel what Amp Human is all about.  

It’s from here, at high altitude and at high pace, that  the Amp Human collective, with its unique board of  scientific advisors, continues to build what Jeff and Erica  started. From expanding PR Lotion, to commercialising  new human performance technologies, the company  is in a constant state of motion and forward progress.  Each and every day, everyone playing as a team to find  the edge of human performance — not to settle there, but to push it further. 

Amp Human is moving and fluid with forward progress.  Constantly innovating and educating around new  technology, sharing and developing knowledge,  collaborating with best-in-class partners, and cultivating  a community who live and breathe the athlete ethos.  Just like the performance seekers it serves, Amp Human is always performing. Always adapting. Always evolving. 

There’s more of a story ahead than behind.

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