Practice Gratitude With The Best

In a year as unprecedented as 2020, it has never been more important to name what you're grateful for. Our athletes have been hit hard, with race cancellations and changing training schedules just the tip of the iceberg. We checked in with eight of our best Amp Human athletes to ask what they're giving thanks for this season. Their responses reminded us that no matter the obstacles, there is still so much to be thankful for.

Joe Gray, World Champion Mountain Runner

What I'm most grateful for as always, is life itself. Any day I wake up and can kiss my wife and be greeted with love from my children, leaves me feeling absolutely grateful just to be breathing. Experiencing relationships with family, my teammates and close friends is a big bonus especially during times such as these where we are all faced with a new normal and losses within our circles.

Lea Davison, Professional Mountain Biker

These times are extremely challenging for everyone in different ways.  I have actively leaned into optimism and really paid attention to things that give me energy and happiness and things that do not.  I have found that getting outside, moving, and sweating really help me.  In addition, I have ridden a lot of new routes and have built fun destinations or pit stops into these rides.  A highlight is the Sunday morning ride to the donut cart and back.  I also love to cook and bake.  I find making something with my hands that's delicious is definitely therapeutic.  I'm a huge extrovert so spending time connecting socially distanced and in person with friends and family makes me so happy.  

The Olympic postponement is a huge opportunity for me.  This has given me an extra year to prepare and improve so I can make sure that I arrive at the Olympic start line as ready as I can be.  I am grateful for this gift of time, and I have learned a lot of the past nine months.  I'm also very thankful for the opportunity to slow down for the first time in 20 years, experience Vermont at times when I'm usually traveling, and to spend a lot of quality time with my wife, Frazier.  I have tried to turn the challenges of 2020 into opportunities as all of my focus still remains on the Tokyo Olympics.

Lucy Charles-Barclay, Professional Triathlete

I’m grateful everyday for the incredible team of people I have around me; my husband, family, friends, supporters & sponsors. I’m grateful for my health, my well-being and body’s resilience to cope with the ever increasing demands of endurance training. I’m grateful to my parents for always telling me to chase my dreams and never give up in the pursuit of what makes you happy!

Reece Charles-Barclay, Professional Triathlete, Coach

I’m grateful for what sport has brought to my life, something to bring me focus, enjoyment and fulfillment; both as an athlete and as a coach. I am grateful for the passionate team of people around me who continue to work hard even during these challenging times. But most of all I am grateful for my wife who brings me a cup of tea every morning so I can start the day!

Jenn Ryan, CrossFit Games Athlete, Coach

I am most grateful for being given the opportunity everyday to be of value to someone else.  That idea alone has helped me so much during the past 8 months.  As a nurse, nutrition coach, and an athlete, the people's lives I get to see touched everyday are many, and that is something I fall back on when life gets challenging and things are so uncertain.  

I get to support the young women I train with everyday and watch them get better and better.  There's a sense of peace in me when they feel strong and empowered.  Anytime I feel down about my own performance, I think about how appreciative I am that I have such a strong support system built around me and we all help guide each other. 

At this point in my life, I put the focus on providing what I can for others and just by giving some value to someone else's life, I'm content and happy.  This allows me to also focus on improving on myself as an athlete and coach.  If I'm helping someone else, that in turn helps me, and I'm so grateful I have these outlets.

Robson Lindberg, Triathlete, Motivational Speaker

2020 was and is a curveball. But it has sparked a great sense of gratitude within me. I am so grateful for my health and the fact that we have been able to keep developing my fitness throughout the year. I know I will reach my peak fitness both physically and mentally at some point. At some point, I will hit a wall regarding my TBI recovery. It hasn't happened yet. I live to challenge myself, push my body and mind to the limit, and past the perceived limit.

I am grateful for family and friends. But this year, this year I am especially grateful that I have friends with ideas that others may consider stupid or impossible. Till [Schenk] I am talking about you. When everyone else looks at us and goes: that's impossible. We are already planning how it can be done. I only now, after being home for a month, realize how much I  needed a project like S7UPID. I would have lost it otherwise. I live for adventure, sports, and adrenaline. It is my therapy. And until further notice, I am unlimited. Bring on 2021.  

Skye Moench, Professional Triathlete

I am grateful for the ability to adapt and heal and to choose joy through a positive attitude. We may not get to do WHAT we want, WHEN we want, or HOW we want, but we can choose to make the most of our current situations. It’s been tough to not be able to race as much this year, but I’ve found ways to make the most of my year through other fulfilling ventures, like improving things around my home, exploring more recipes, picking up extra side work, and spending more time with my dog and husband. I guess simply put - despite feeling restricted because I can’t do things the way I envisioned this year, I’m grateful to still have the freedom and flexibility to make the most of what I can do.

Tom Evans, Professional Runner

I’m extremely thankful for everyone who supports me, allowing me to do what I do and perform at my absolute best. That’s my family, my girlfriend, my coach, my trainers, my physio, my partners, my friends and my management team. Outside of my own circle, I’m also so thankful for the British health care system - the NHS -for working tirelessly so things can get back to normal as quickly as possible and we can all get back to doing the things that we all love to do.



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