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Limitless Kit
Brian B
One month on Amp(not a placebo to me).

I initially bought a starter and now have picked up the limitless kit(53 year old male @ 200lbs and 6'2"). I used Amp this past month for cycling 40 plus km’s cycles, and for fairly long hikes/trail runs(usually between 800-1600 meters of elevation between 6-28 km’s). During the month-plus of use I have had 6 days off from doing any activities. I noticed Amp’s effects on recovery, endurance, and also while attempting to match and exceed segment times. I noticed the day following that my recovery was noticeably better than days I chose not to use Amp. I recall a few times where I improved my average cycling speed while doing the same road circuit(I have increased my average km/h by 1.1km over 5 weeks; now at 28.6 km/h avg) on a 42km and 360 meter elevation road circuit. I also used nutritional supplements(my usual ones) along with training techniques to compliment Amp during this time period. I started with conservative amounts but recommend the ‘more is better’ approach with Amp. I now use liberal amounts before and some after exercising.

Oh 🙌 baby

Very much worth it and works like magic, my first ride was 100km chairty at 30.1 Average speed and by the end of the ride I just wanted to ride more and next day was 100 perfect… Go AMP OR GO HOME.

PR Lotion Bottle
It really does work

I was a bit hesitant to buy this, however, other riders said the same it does help ! It has allowed me to push farther, harder and my legs are not on fire when I go to bed after a Zwift race!! Worth the money for sure !!!

Tik Tok

I can’t explain it but Amp has definitely improved my day to day training I have noticed a little less
fatigue in the legs .

PR Lotion Bottle
Kevin Clancy
Wow stuff!

This is awesome stuff! I was skeptical...but now a believer, reordering soon!

PR Lotion Bottle
Jayne Michele Tse
Great Stuff!

So pleased with this product. It works like a charm when cycling in the mountains.

Limitless Kit
Vic Florencia

Limitless Kit

Amp Human Water Bottle
Ethan Proud
Great water bottle!

The water bottle is great, I haven't had any issues with it so far. It's good stuff

PR Lotion Bottle
Erin Beleny
This really works!!

I first heard about PR Lotion from Lance Armstrong's "The Move" podcast.... he felt so strongly about it that I wanted to try it. Believe it or not, PR Lotion is truly a gamechanger! As an avid and competitive cyclist, I now feel that my legs are working (especially when climbing), but I no longer feel the burn of lactic acid build-up... my endurance has greatly improved. All future rides will be sponsored by PR Lotion!!

Level Up Kit
Tamara Knight
Amazing Product

I apply this to my legs before every huge bike ride and this has definitely made a difference. PR is right!

Limitless Kit
Art Mannarn
It truly works

Been using it on my rides and runs Legs feel fresher and times are better too!

Limitless Kit
Tony Azzopardi
Great product.

Use each time I cycle and have noticed a huge improvement to my strength over long distance rides

PR Lotion Bottle
Tamara Knight

Amazingly surprised at how using this on my legs pre cycling has stepped up my game. Prs all the way!

Starter Kit
Lyall Beattie

Awesome product and it keeps you motivated on the bike. Would love to have it as a partner for my team!

Try it !! Be Amazed !!

Every one who I know who has tried it, Loves it !! I let people try mine, and they have their own in two weeks !! On hard effort days and race days, indispensable! A must have, Game changer !

Limitless Kit
winston cabrera



Used the lotion for back to back imperial century rides. Legs felt great the second day. Recovery was quicker post ride.

Actually works - Night and next day soreness is gone

Bought this as i really wanted to try and see if it works. Well it does! The soreness in legs is greatly reduced and makes it easier to load the legs on the next day. Now part of my daily training routine.

PR Lotion Bottle
Dont like paying shipping costs

Ps. I've been using this product since it first came out as Edge and seen the various transformations

PR Lotion Bottle
Jordan Bryden
AMAZING! A total game changer for Endurance athlete

I've been using Amp for over 1.5 years now and I still cant believe how well it works! Highly recommeded!

PR Lotion Bottle
Tony Azzopardi
Easy transaction

Expedited and arrives on time. Still trying it out…seems to relive some pain in the legs.

Recovery Kit
Tim Wallace
Great presentation on the order

My package arrived it was well marked the package was really well packaged although alot of extra packing materials all recyclaeable though and a nice amp human advertising addition thrown in. So far I'm impressed by the product.

PR Lotion Bottle
Alexander Mayhew
It works

Since I’ve started using the PR lotion I have been able to double my usual about of cycling distances. I use the lotion before and after my rides to help my muscle recovery

Recovery Kit
Roy McBeth
Gives you Wings

Love love love me some PR Lotion before and after those hard workouts 👊 Perform better.. recover faster!

PR Lotion Bottle
Scott Mansfield
Great product - highly recommended

What a difference, the normal aches and pains in my muscles after a decent ride were reduced massively.